By Edgar Allan Poe

ISBN-10: 0486401553

ISBN-13: 9780486401553

This crucial anthology of Poe's serious works positive aspects goods from the Southern Literary Messenger, Graham's Magazine, and different periodicals, reviewing works via Dickens, Hawthorne, Cooper, etc. The Theory of Poetry — consisting of "The Philosophy of Composition," "The cause of Verse," and "The Poetic Principle" — seems to be to boot. advent.

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Good, madam," said she, "and I am a thousand times obliged to you. " She spoke in the simplicity of her heart, and the tempter had not the heirt to deceive her. , hal already swelled in the warm hearted creature's eyes' at her own recital of her mistress' kindness. They now gushed forth in a flood, and running to her lady who was a lodger in the house, she threw herself on her knees, confessed her fault, was pardoned, and was happy. But ii is not by the bedside of the sick negro that the feeling we speak of is chiefly engendered.

Let us pursue the idea that such a collection as we have here will produce, of necessity,the Poetic Sentiment, and we may as well make up our minds to believe that a catalogue of such expressions as moon, sky, trees, rivers, mountains &c, shall be capable of exciting it,-it is merely an extension of the principle. But in the line "the earth is dark, but the heavens are bright" besides the simple mention of the "dark earth" and the "bright heaven," we have, directly, the moral sentiment of the brightness of the sky compensating for the darkness of the earth-and thus, indirectly, of the happiness of a future state compensating for the miseries of a present.

Her illness was long and protracted, but hopeless from the first. A servant, (by no means a favorite with her, being high tempered and ungovernable) was advanced in pregnancy, and in bad health. Yet she could not be kept out of the house. She was permitted to stay about her mistress during the day, but sent to bed at an early hour every night. Her reluctance to obey was obvious, and her master found that she evaded his order, whenever she could escape his eye. He once found her in the house late at night, and kindly reproving her, sent her home.

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