By Bertolt Brecht

Here's publicly awarded the historical past of the challenging reign of Edward II, King of britain, and his lamentable dying.
Also the fortune and finish of his favourite, Gaveston.
Further, the burdened destiny of Queen Anne.
Likewise the increase and fall of the nice earl, Roger Mortimer; all of which occurred in England, mainly in London, 600 years in the past.

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GAVESTON ( comes forward) : I can hold back no longer, my dear master. EDWARD : What, Danny! Dearest ! Embrace me , Danny, a s I d o you ! Since y ou were banished, all m y days ar e barren. GAVESTON : And since I left, no s oul in Hades suffered More than poor G aveston. EDWARD : I know . Now, mischief-making Lancaster, Arch-heretic Winchester, plot all you want. Gaveston, this very moment we will make you Edward II Lord Chamberlain, Chancellor, Earl of Cornwall And Peer of the Isle of Man. KENT (darkly ) : Brother, enough!

A ll leave. Enter GAVESTON. GAVESTON : It looks as if the Earl of Lancaster, The Archbishop of Winchester, the Queen, And several vultures from the city of London Are hatching a plot against a number of people. London. GAVESTON, in his house, alone, writing his will. GAVESTON : By a misunderstanding, on an ordinary Thursday, 15 16 Bertolt Brecht Also without any liking for slaughter, Many a man is wiped out, painfully. �d therefore I Who do not know What it was about me of too much or too little That made this Edward, now the king, Unable to leave me alone, For my own mother found nothing in me �y different from the extremely Usual, no goiter, no white skin, Therefore I Who have come to the end of my rope But do know ( stupid as I am ) That nothing helps him live whom all wish dead So there's no help for me here in London �d I won't get out of the place except feet first Therefore I Write my last will and testament .

You look a king over Like an ox in your stockyards, don't you? Can a race of men live like that? Come, Gaveston. I am still there and my feet Know what to do with vipers. Off, with GAVESTON. Bertolt Brecht 22 MORTIMER : So it's war. LANCASTER : '( Nor devils of the ocean nor angels of the sky Can save him from our army. The butcher's son must die. The battle of Killingworth, 15 and 1 6 A ugust 1 320. Battlefield near Killingworth. Toward seven in the evening. MORTIMER, LANCASTER , ARCHBISHOP, TROOPS.

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