By Philip A. Laplante

ISBN-10: 0849321700

ISBN-13: 9780849321702

Electric Engineering Dictionary CRCnetBASE 2000 is a constantly up-to-date CDthat offers possible definitions for working towards engineers, serves as a reference and examine software for college students, and gives functional info for scientists and engineers in different disciplines. parts tested contain utilized electric engineering, microwave engineering, keep an eye on engineering, strength engineering,digital structures engineering, and equipment electronics. CRCnetBASE offers handbooks as dwelling, evolving records - increasing as wisdom expands, growing to be as know-how advances, and attaining to fulfill your info wishes immediately.

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See also blocking. adiabatic a system that has no heat transfer with the environment. adiabatic cooling a process where the temperature of a system is reduced without any heat being exchanged between the system and its surroundings. In particle beam acceleration this term is used to describe the process in the particle source storage ring where beam emittances are reduced without affecting beam energy. adiabatic following an approximation made when some states in a quantum mechanical system respond to perturbations more quickly than the other states.

Voltage that would be obtained without saturation. air-gap voltage the internal voltage of a synchronous machine that is generated by the air gap flux. Also referred to as the voltage behind leakage reactance. airline a precision coaxial transmission line with air dielectric used in a variety of calibration techniques and measurements as an impedance standard and to establish a reference plane. airy disk the central portion of the farfield optical diffraction pattern. AlAs aluminum arsenide. algorithm (1) a systematic and precise, step-by-step procedure (such as a recipe, a program, or set of programs) for solving a certain kind of problem or accomplishing a task, for instance converting a particular kind of input data to a particular kind of output data, or controlling a machine tool.

Addressing mode a form of specifying the address (location) of an operand in an instruction. Some of the addressing modes found in most processors are direct or register direct, where the operand is in a CPU register; register indirect (or simply indirect), where a CPU register contains the address of the operand in memory; immediate, where the operand is a part of the instruction. See also central processing unit. c 2000 by CRC Press LLC addressing range numbers that define the number of memory locations addressable by the CPU.

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