By V. N. Binhi

ISBN-10: 1607414317

ISBN-13: 9781607414315

Even if there are various guides in newspapers and renowned magazines, discussing 'Electromagnetic brain keep watch over' and 'Electromagnetic Weapons', it truly is virtually most unlikely to discover trustworthy info on those matters, relatively the place rather vulnerable electromagnetic (EM) radiations are of outrage. This publication fills the distance. Written for a basic viewers, it discusses the physics of and comparable medical info on mind keep watch over utilizing EM fields. It offers a balanced clinical point of view at the danger of the results of EM at the human mind and brain. The ebook considers: present equipment of EM info extracting from and supply into the human mind; normal theoretical ideas of EM box interactions with dwelling gadgets; glossy experiments, together with neurological ones; the microwave listening to impact and technical barriers of the designated publicity of people to EM fields; and, methodological barriers relating to EM brain keep an eye on.

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