By Wladyslaw Narkiewicz

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The target of this booklet is to give an exposition of the speculation of alge­ braic numbers, except class-field conception and its outcomes. there are lots of how one can enhance this topic; the most recent development is to overlook the classical Dedekind thought of beliefs in favour of neighborhood equipment. in spite of the fact that, for numeri­ cal computations, worthwhile for functions of algebraic numbers to different parts of quantity conception, the previous strategy turns out greater, even if its exposition is clearly longer. nevertheless the neighborhood strategy is extra robust for analytical reasons, as tested in Tate's thesis. hence the writer has attempted to reconcile the 2 ways, providing a self-contained exposition of the classical perspective within the first 4 chapters, after which turning to neighborhood equipment. within the first bankruptcy we current the mandatory instruments from the idea of Dedekind domain names and valuation concept, together with the constitution of finitely generated modules over Dedekind domain names. In Chapters 2, three and four the clas­ sical thought of algebraic numbers is built. bankruptcy five comprises the joys­ damental notions of the idea of p-adic fields, and bankruptcy 6 brings their purposes to the research of algebraic quantity fields. We contain right here Shafare­ vich's evidence of the Kronecker-Weber theorem, and in addition the most houses of adeles and ideles.

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If x E Rv, then we can write xR = I J-1, where I, J are ideals of R and P f J. 14 there is an ideal A c R not divisible by P, for which the product AJ is principal. Then xR = (AI)(AJ)-1, both ideals AI and AJ are principal, and if AI = aR, AJ = bR, then b rf_ P, and with a suitable c E R we get x = acjb. 26 shows that Pv = 1rRv. (ii) This assertion follows from the observation that pm ={a E R: v(a) 2: m}. 26 shows that Pv = 1rRv with 1r E P\P 2 , thus PvC PRv. On the other hand, every x E PRv can be written as x = a1b 1+ · ·+akbk with ai E R, v(ai) 2: 1 and bi E K, v(bi) 2: 0.

The degree of K. The naive hope that with a suitable choice of a one may be able to write every integer of Kin the form P(a) with P E Z[X] is unjustified, as will be shown on examples later on. 7, also the integral closure of the ring RL for every subfield L of K. If K/k is an extension of degree n, a E K and F E k[X] is the minimal polynomial of a, then the roots a = a 1 , ... , an of F are called the conjugates 44 2. Algebraic Numbers and Integers of a over k. e. K = k(a), then the mappings Fi, defined fori= 1, 2, ...

27 (iv) the rings R/Pa and Rpj(PRp)a are isomorphic. Thus N becomes an Rp-module with the property (P Rp )aN = 0. 40 is applicable, and we see that 36 1. Dedekind Domains and Valuations t N"' ffiRpfli j=l with suitable ideals Ij of Rp. 26 implies that each Ij is a power or PRp, and owing to (PRp)cxN = 0 we must have 11 = (PRp)f3j with 1 :::; (31 :::; a. Since R c Rp, we can regard Rp / Ij as an R-module, and since the ring-isomorphism of RjPf3j and Rpj(PRp)f3j is also an R-module isomorphism, we obtain finally t N "' EB R/ pf3j' j=l as asserted.

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