By Susan Rosenfeld

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Prepared to check the 10 eras defined within the nationwide criteria for usa background, this assortment offers not just the files, from the statement of Independence to Nixon's stopover at with Elvis, but additionally historical past info to aid position the records of their old context.

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Available on-line. htm. Downloaded June 2003. Arthur M. Barlowe, “Exploration of Virginia,” 1584 In March of 1584, Sir Walter Raleigh received a patent from Queen Elizabeth I granting him permission to establish colonies in North America. The following month he commissioned an exploratory voyage, headed by Captains Philip Amadas and Arthur M. Barlowe, to search out possible locations for a new colony. Amadas and Barlowe set out from England on April 27, 1584, and reached Roanoke Island, off the coast of present-day North Carolina, which would eventually be the site of Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in North America.

Towards the Southwest, foure dayes journey is situate a towne called Sequotan, which is the Southernmost towne of Wingandacoa, neere unto which, sixe and twentie yeres past there was a ship cast away, whereof some of the people were saved, and those were white people, whome the countrey people preserved. And after ten dayes remaining in an out Island unhabited, called Wocokon, they with the help of some of the dwellers of Sequotan, fastened two boates of the countrey together & made mastes unto them, and sailes of their shirtes, and having taken into them such victuals as the countrey yeelded, they departed after they had remained in this out Island 3 weekes: but shortly after it seemed they were cast away, for the boates were found upon the coast, cast a land in another Island adjoyning: other then these, there was never any people apparelled, or white of colour, either seene or heard of amongst these people, and these aforesaid were seen onely of the inhabitants of Secotan, which appeared to be very true, for they wondred marvelously when we were amongst them at the whitenes of our skins, ever coveting to touch our breasts, and to view the same.

It clearly shows how, in order to bring those people to Christianity and obedience unto Your Imperial Majesty, they should be well treated, and not otherwise. * * * I took with me the negro and eleven Indians and, following the trail, went in search of the Christians. . I came upon four Christians on horseback. . I spoke first, and told them to lead me to their captain, and we went together to Diego de Alcaraza, their commander. * * * * We went on with the idea of insuring the liberty of the Indians, and, when we believed it to be assured, the opposite took place.

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