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1:13. "'ftt-;1-. He managed this difficult affair with admirable address. hll'l':>6•"t • 1-JIY. "t"'> • "'ftt-;1- • uoo"" 4. oofAh. A salesman should be a mao of pleasant address. ll The lawyer adduced a decision in which the judge freed a man charged with robbery. ,. ll (be) adept at "'ftt-:1- • hll• John is adept at repairing things about the house. l""'f"t • fDDm1"t • ";f tt-;1- ' hlltl)o adequacy 1141t'IWe doubt the adequacy of his training. f'I-9"1/C-I>"t • 1141t'l- • 't\"tm6om6oll"t adequate I.

Mr. Smith is adequate for the job. ,.. I. That scotch tape will adhere to anything. IA 2. ll. He adhered to his plans. ll 3. ll. Most people adhere to the church of their parents. Lt'IHe declared his adherence to the cause of freedom. lltllt'l- • 1-Jif. 1. The adherents of the church party supported this plan. ,. ) f"tarn+ Adherent materials should not be placed together. ,. '7f"t • h"tY:t'l- • "7'l"C • hMQ9" adhesion *Adhesion of the intestine to the muscles requires surgery. h"t~'l- • llm-"tll' • ;JC • II.

Fl.. The soldier told the tale of his adven· tures. m-'t • OJ6. • hmtl2. h:>"'"''.. The title of the book is " Adven· ture in the Forest ". f. l'l • h:>"'"''. A • )IJJo 3. "JtnODaJo 1 )1C. He regaled me with stories of his adventures. I'l-1-'S adventurer I. fl. • l'lm-. The traveler to Africa is a great adventurer. mJ?.. ,. fl. , . ' )IJJo _a_d_v_e_n_t_u_r_o_u_s______________________-=2~5--------------------------~a=d~v~isory 2. fl"'ilo. The adventurer looked for an unmarried girl whose father was rich.

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