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L) “raskrsnitsa”. creek – short arm of a river (D) “trap” as in “trapo vrvi krs Oshchima” meaning “the creek passes through Oshchima”. (L) “mal zaliv”, “potok”. crib – child’s bed (D) “kroshna” as in “bebeto spie vo kroshnata” meaning “the baby sleeps in the crib”. (L) “lulka”. crow – large black bird (D) “garvan” as in “garvano grachi vo drvata” meaning “the crow is crowing in the woods”. (L) “chavka”. cripple – person permanently lame (D) “sakat” as in “choeko e sakat, nogata me e posechena” meaning “the person is crippled, his leg has been severed”.

Exit – going out (D) “izlez” as in “tuka e izlezo” meaning “here is the exit”. (L) “izlez”. example – thing characteristic of its kind (D) “primer” as in “tuka e eden primer” meaning “here is an example”. (L) “primer”, “primerok”. expensive – costing much (D) “skpo” as in “toa e skpo ke mi treba mnogu pari da go kupa” meaning “that is expensive I will need a lot of money to buy it”. excavate – dig out (D) “iskopa” as in “go iskopae goľ emio kamen” meaning “they excavated the big rock”. (L) “iskopuva”.

Erase – rub out (D) “izbrishi” as in “izbrishi toa sho pisa” meaning “erase that which you wrote”. (L) “izbrishuva”, “brishe”. evening – from sunset to bedtime, late in the day (D) “vecher” as in “vecher ke ojme na kino” meaning “this evening we are going to a cinematographic show”. (L) “vecher”. erect – upright, vertical (D) “prostum” as in “sedi prostum” meaning “stand erect”. (L) “isprava”, “osnovuva”. event – thing that takes place (D) “nastan” as in “vo Sabota Oshchima ke ima eden nastan” meaning “on Saturday Oshchima will have an event”.

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