By Alexander Basilevsky

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Moreover, it may be necessary on occasion to modify prior estimates or incorporate design changes to the experiment. In such situations the formal assignment model may be applied as a sequential sampling strategy. ///. THE CONLISK- WATTS MODEL: A CRITIQUE FROM AN EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN PERSPECTIVE Given a sample of measurements and a statistical estimator in closed (analytic) form, it is always possible to determine whether the estimator possesses optimal properties, that is, whether it is unbiased (consistent), efficient, and sufficient.

Nm) = a-2tr[WV(P^ß)] = a-2tr[PTWPV(ß)] = σ~2 tv[PTWPa2(XTX)-1] = Χτ^ΰ(^ηίΧίχή ! 4) where D = PTWP. Constraints on the Choice Set The choice set will generally be constrained to a proper subset of all nonnegative integer ra-tuples (nl9 . . ,nm). The design point sample sizes rii must satisfy the budget constraint qn, :< C, where q is the cost of one observation at the rth design point, nt is the number of observations at the rth design point, and C is the total available budget. In addition, there may be further linear constraints delimiting the choice set, written L(nx, .

It is clear that farm work cannot be viewed in isolation of wage work opportu- 26 2 OVERVIEW OF INITIAL WORK RESPONSE FINDINGS nities. In fact, 78% of North Carolina families and 50% of Iowa families had one or more members also in the wage work force. Hours of wage work declined for farm families. The experimental differential for farm operators was about —31% for North Carolina and —10% for Iowa, and a quite substantial —63% (North Carolina) and —54% (Iowa) for farm wives. Accompanying this was a positive farm operator experimental differential of approximately 11 % for farm work.

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