By J. Gordon Melton

ISBN-10: 1610690257

ISBN-13: 9781610690256

This enormous, four-volume reference overviews major occasions and advancements in non secular background over the process greater than 5 millennia.

• presents attention-grabbing sidebars to entries on such issues as monotheism and the matter of evil, the development of the Egyptian pyramids, Mesoamerican mythology, the legacy of Charlemagne, the lives of varied spiritual thinkers and leaders, the Hundred Years' battle, the indigenous religions of South Africa, the second one nice Awakening, Potala Palace in Tibet, and plenty of others

• bargains a sweeping chronological presentation of religion and faith over 5 millennia that allows readers to determine the connections among ancient occasions and the evolution of assorted trust systems

• comprises an intensive choice of photographs that is helping readers visualize a number of the issues mentioned within the text

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2520–2494 BCE) begins his rule, during which he builds the second largest of the pyramids in the Giza necropolis, a mere 10 feet shorter than the Great Pyramid. He is also the builder of the Great Sphinx. In Egyptian lore, a sphinx is a creature with the body of a lion and the head of a man. A benevolent being (in contrast to its Greek equivalent), it was often seen as a guardian figure placed at the entrance to a temple. Adjacent to Khafre’s pyramid is the mastaba built as the resting place of his wife, Queen Meresankh III.

Ninurta, the Lord of the Earth, was the main god of Lagash and the patron deity of Girsu. An agricultural deity, Ninurta was frequently associated with the planet Saturn. 2118 BCE Southwest Asia and North Africa: Mesopotamia Traditional Religions Shu-turul (Shu-durul) (r. 2133–2118 BCE), the last king of the Akkadian Empire, is deposed and the Akkadian Empire finally destroyed by the Gutians, a barbarian people from the Zagros Mountains of western Iran. ca. 2112 BCE Southwest Asia and North Africa: Mesopotamia Traditional Religions After a generation of somewhat chaotic Gutian rule in Mesopotamia, the Third Dynasty of Ur (aka the NeoSumerian Empire or the Ur III Empire) establishes control of the Tigris and Euphrates valleys.

In later generations, Dangun was deified by followers of tradition Korean religion. The belief survives today in several Korean new religions that draw on traditional beliefs and practices. Traditional Korean religion was polytheistic and provided a significant role to functionaries capable of contact with the spirit world. 31 hole in the center of the floor to accommodate a ceremonial fire. One of the temples, the Temple of the Crossed Hands, is the oldest archaeological structure in the Andes. It was named for the sculptures of crossed lower arms that decorate the temple’s interior.

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