By C. Keith Conners

ISBN-10: 0738206202

ISBN-13: 9780738206202

An informative examine how the meals we feed our kids can form the process their development, improvement and behavior.

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For a 30-kg child this means that three or four cans of soda containing about 100 rng of aspartame would reach this level of risk. Even that might seem to be an unlikely amount for very many people to consume. But another letter is worth quoting in some detail, because 36 CHAPTER TWO it highlights how easy it is for some youngsters, because of their lifestyle, to use diet drinks to excess, thus exposing themselves to enormous doses of aspartame: I suppose the best way to sum up the past three years of my life would be to call them a living hell.

For example, one letter received by Dr. Wurtman was from a 26-year-old registered nurse who gave a very detailed clinical description of her experience after she began using aspartame. She was using 6 to 10 packets a day of Equal (a powder version of aspartame) and occasional drinks with NutraSweet for about a week when she began experiencing a "left-temporal headache" (just above the left ear). That night she had a major seizure. The seizure began in her right hand and "marched" in a typical fashion through other parts of her body.

Nevertheless, there were some subtle signs of potential problems in several areas. Though Jamie was large at birth, weighing over lOVz pounds, he was now a thin and wiry youngster, at only the 30th percentile for weight (that is, 70% of children his age weigh more). His mother had gained a whopping 55 pounds during pregnancy, which is twice the recommended amount. Though by no means an inevitable cause of hyperactivity, large weight HYPERACTIVfTY AND ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS 27 gain and problems during pregnancy are sometimes part ot a picture contributing to a suspicion of some birth damage.

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