By Daniel B. Baker

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In this easy-to-use and fun-to-read selection of greater than 4,000 prices, politicians and philosophers, poets and clergymen, CEOs and comedians all percentage their perspectives on management and liberty, treason and triumph, sacrifice and scandal, probability and uprising, weak spot and battle, and different affaires politiques. for example, Groucho Marx on politics: "Politics is the paintings of searching for hassle, discovering it all over, diagnosing it incorrectly and utilizing the incorrect remedies." a visual Ink bestseller because the reign of George the Senior, it simply retains going and going. it sounds as if sturdy charges, like advantageous wine, simply get well with age. or perhaps it is the again disguise replica. With energy charges, readers can examine what Plato and Aristotle needed to say approximately democracy, and locate Mark Twain musing on any variety of subject matters, together with: "Its identify is Public Opinion. it really is held in reverence. It settles every little thing. a few imagine it's the voice of God." Or lookup the self-serving statements James I made to Parliament concerning the divine nature of kings (he used to be for it). Richard Nixon's postmortem on Vietnam: "Rarely have such a lot of humans been so flawed approximately so much." chosen with impeccable judgment by means of quote grasp Daniel Baker, the fees are geared up below 50 topics akin to ethics, monarchy, politics, public opinion, taxes, conflict and peace, and girls in politics, after which prepared chronologically, with resources totally cited.

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Power Quotes

During this easy-to-use and fun-to-read choice of greater than 4,000 charges, politicians and philosophers, poets and clergymen, CEOs and comedians all percentage their perspectives on management and liberty, treason and triumph, sacrifice and scandal, possibility and uprising, weak point and struggle, and different affaires politiques.

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79) 9. Tiredness Tired f a g g e d (1780) British; often followed by out; from the past participle of the obsolete verb jàg tire, of unknown origin • Edward Pennell-Elmhirst: I have seldom seen so many fagged faces as on Saturday. (1883) b e a t (1832) From past participle of the verb beat; usually in the phrase dead beat m Pamela Frankau: I was too beat and hazy to take anything in. 1840) US; often followed by out; past participle of the verb tucker tire • S. W. Baker: The old bear got regularly tuckered-out.

1960) Venereal diseases pox (1503) Altered plural of pock spot, pustule; applied especially to syphilis • Jimmy O'Connor: Wally... strangled a prostitute for giving him a dose of the pox. (1976) clap (1587) Old French clapoir venereal bubo; applied especially to gonorrhoea • Adam Diment: Rocky Kilmarry is about as good for you as a dose of clap. (1967) d o s e (1914) Applied to a bout of venereal infection • Bill Turner: She's riddled with pox. I know four blokes who've copped a dose from her.

Been doing too much, that's what it is. (1952) s t o n k e r e d (1918) Mainly Australian & New Zealand; past participle of the verb stonker kill, defeat • Peter Carey: She ate heartily... only announcing herself stonkered after scraping clean the large monogrammed plate of steaming pudding. (1985) whacked (1919) Mainly British; often followed by out m John Snow: I was whacked when I arrived back in England from the MCC tour. (1976) creased (1925) Mainly US; from earlier sense, stunned, killed s h a t t e r e d (1930) • Listener.

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