By Wolf Leslau.

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1, pp. 623-628. DEMoz, see Abraham Demoz. DevENs, MONICA S. 1981 ''The Amharic simple imperfect", ISS 36, no. 1 , pp. 1 1 5 - 1 22. 1 983 ''The Amharic fi"t order vowel", Ethiopian Stndies, pp. 1 07-1 14. EssEN, Ono, von "Einfache und selllnste Konsonanten in der Sprachweise einer Gewiiln­ 1967 person fiir das Amharische", AuO 50, pp. 290-303. �'ELLMAN , J. 1 975/6 ''The Amharic consonantal systetn", Abr-Nahrain 1 6, pp. 1 1 3- 1 14. fERGUSON, C. A. 1970 1976 ''The Ethiopian language area" (includes Amharic), JES 8, no.

L. IJ ,.. ). 7. When two identical consonants are in contact, that is, with no vowel be­ tween them, only one consonant is written, but it is pronounced with gemination: thus, yawiidda/1 ' he loves ', written ,I'. ID-'IA. ; ,.. ) ID" ? manniiw? , m- m�n niiw. 8. Gemination is either a lexical or a morphological feature. Gemination as a lexical feature cannot be predicted. Thus, for instance, 'f'lj may be read wanna meaning 'main, principal' or wana meaning 'swimming ' . A s a morphological feature gemination manifests itself i n the verb but less s o in the noun.

The fonns lhat end in -i are the imperfect, jussive, and imperative, the sin­ gular 2d person feminine, and the active participle; the fonn that ends in -e is the gerund, 1 st person singular, and the fonn that ends in -iy(a) is the verbal noun. The vowel i following the above-menlioned consonants may either be kept with the palatal or, more usually, be absorbed' . Thus, dJ"(t� wasiig or OJo(l)('. wasiigi 'take ! 'f. kafoli 'open! fl /\ "l b;,tae; 'exceed ! ' from nAm biilliitii; hoi. f. kafoy or hoi.

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