By John B. Dumont

ISBN-10: 2732452998

ISBN-13: 9782732452999

John B. Daumont nous révèle les concepts des grands séducteurs qui, consciemment ou pas, peuvent soumettre à leur charme les proies les plus fragiles aussi bien que les plus averties. Ces personnalités pleines d’attrait se révèlent parfois être de dangereux pervers narcissiques qui, lorsqu’ils maîtrisent ces procédés peuvent exercer un véritable pouvoir sur les autres, en amour, bien sûr, mais également dans tous les autres domaines des family humaines. En politique, par exemple, le « charme » se nomme « charisme », et les exemples de manipulations mentales de masse, utilisant toujours les mêmes ideas, sont nombreux. Avocat dans l’âme – et de career – John B. Daumont ne fait pas l’apologie de ces dangereuses méthodes. Il offre au contraire les moyens de mieux s'en protéger.

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The ratio of nature to culture is difficult to distinguish when it comes to coquetry. This faculty is not assisted by education, from which coquetry learns only its outward forman air of grace and ease. It would seem that, deep down, coquetry is always already knowledgeable. Over time it gains what the natural spirit can never acquire. 2 Yet, in Marivaux, coquetry appears as the product of an exchange. It is an imaginary response, a concession to male fantasy: "with an extreme desire to conform to their tastes, we possess the key to everything they do to become ours" (M, 60).

Paradoxically, the devaluation of language leads to a monstrous proliferation of books. Even if a book is lucky enough to attract some attention, it is unlikely that it will receive the serious examination that all authors inevitably crave and that very few genuinely deserve. If the ideas in a book are not shrugged off as the by-product of some banal family trauma or of sordid class interest, they will be made a part of some historical sequence, they will be regarded as mere rearrangements of earlier ideas.

But a beautiful hand starts to resemble one, and to captivate certain people one may succeed just as well by tempting them as by satisfying them. (M, 63) The essential power of seduction lies not in the overly direct gesture of pleasing but in the more calculating act of temptation. For the coquette to be "persuasive," there must be a concrete offering of the object (display of hands, of hair, any Page 23 partial piece of nudity). Temptation is the penetration of the other's desire. The episode involving Marianne's foot, the occasion of her meeting with Valville, is equally revealing of the heroine's manipulations.

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