By Tom Sibley

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This survey textual content with a historic emphasis helps numerous varied classes. It comprises staff tasks related to using expertise or verbal/written responses. The textual content strives to construct either scholars' instinct and reasoning. it's perfect for junior and senior point classes.

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Ii) If P(Q)R, then not P(R)Q and P ~ R. a) Prove that, if P(Q)R, then not Q(R)P, not R(P)Q,andnot Q(P)R. b) Prove that, if P(Q)R then P, Q, and Rare three distinct points. c) Compare the axioms and parts (a) and (b) of this problem with Hilbert's axioms of order 11-1, 11-2, and 11-3. d) Prove that, if SandT are convex, then S n T is also convex. e) If each S; is convex, for i in a finite or infinite index set I' prove that E/ S; is convex, where E I S; = I p : for all i E I ' p E S, ) . 3 we showed the logical need for undefined terms in an axiomatic system, which ignores what those terms mean.

B) Which of Hilbert's congruence axioms hold for the sphere? c) Determine whether SAS, SSS, ASA, and AAS hold for a sphere. d) Determine whether the Pythagorean theorem holds for a sphere. 3. Use the axiomatic system of Example I. a) What is the smallest positive number of points of a model of this system? Repeat for lines and explain your answers. b) Find a model with six points not isomorphic to any of the other models. c) Find two nonisomorphic models with nine points. d) Find and prove a theorem of this system.

Iii) Every two distinct lines have at least one point on them both. iv) Every line has at least three points on it. 4 29 a) Given two distinct lines prove that they have exactly one point on them. b) Prove that there are at least seven points. c) Given any point prove that it has at least three lines on it. ] d) Prove that there are at least seven lines. 8. " Define a set S to be convex iff whenever P and Rare inS and P(Q)R, then Q is in S. The axioms are: i) If P(Q)R, then R(Q)P. ii) If P(Q)R, then not P(R)Q and P ~ R.

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