By George E Delury; Neil Schlager

ISBN-10: 1438129300

ISBN-13: 9781438129303

100 ninety-six international locations are defined when it comes to structures and businesses of presidency, in addition to the methods wherein political events or pursuits carry their effect to undergo on executive. v. 1. Afghanistan to Guyana -- v. 2. Haiti to Norway -- v. three. Oman to Zimbabwe

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Rep. ) LTTE–see Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (Sri Lanka) LU–see Liberal Union (Andorra) LUP–see Liberian Unification Party M–see Moderate Party (Sweden) MA–see Melanesian Alliance (Papua New Guinea) MAC–see Christian Authentic Movement (El Salvador) MAFREMO–see Malawi Freedom Movement xxxiii MAG–see Monitor Action Group (Namibia) MAKI–see Israel Communist Party MAKINA–see Movement for Dignified Democracy (Tanzania) MAPAM–see United Workers Party (Israel) MAS–see Movement toward Socialism (Venezuela) MAS–see Movement toward Socialism-People’s Political Instrument for Sovereignty (Bolivia) MAS–see Solidarity Action Movement (Guatemala) MAUDR–see Angolan Democratic Unity Movement for Reconstruction MBL–see Movement for a Free Bolivia MBPM–see Maurice Bishop Patriotic Movement (Grenada) MBR-200–see Revolutionary Bolivarian Movement (Venezuela) MCA–see Malayan Chinese Association MCDDI–see Congolese Movement for Democracy and Comprehensive Development (Rep.

Xxix FCD–see Civic Democratic Front (Guatemala) FD–see Democratic Force (France) FDA–see Angolan Democratic Forum FDCs–see Forces Defence Committees (Ghana) FDF–see French-Speaking Democratic Front (Belgium) FDIC–see Front for the Defense of Constitutional Institutions (Morocco) FDN–see National Democratic Front (Mexico) FDNG–see New Guatemalan Democratic Front FDN-Mountounchi–see Nigerian Democratic FrontMountounchi (Niger) FDP–see Democratic and Patriotic Forces (Rep. of Congo) FDP–see Free Democratic Party (Germany) FDP–see Radical Democratic Party of Switzerland FDR–see Democratic Front of Renewal (Niger) FDU–see United Democratic Forces (Rep.

Lucia Labour Party SLPP–see Sierra Leone People’s Party SLS–see Serbian Liberal Party SLS–see Slovene People’s Party SMC–see Single Member Constituencies (Singapore) SMK–see Hungarian Coalition (Slovakia) SMP–see Sipah-I-Muhamund (Pakistan) SMS–see Great Council of Sinhalese (Sri Lanka) SNAP–see Sarawak National Action Party (Malaysia) SNC–see Supreme National Council (Cambodia) SNE–see National Education Union (Morocco) SNF–see Sindh National Front (Pakistan) xliii SNP–see Scottish National Party (UK of Great Britain) SNP–see Seychelles National Party SNS–see Slovak National Party SNSD–see Party of Independent Social Democrats (Bosnia and Herzegovina) SNTVs–see Single Nontransferable Votes (Taiwan) SODEP–see Social Democracy Party (Turkey) SOP–see Party of Civic Understanding (Slovakia) SP–see Center Party (Norway) SP–see Samajwadi (Socialist) Party (India) SP–see Samata Party (India) SP–see Socialist Parties (Belgium) SP–see Socialist Party (Netherlands) SPA–see Supreme People’s Assembly (North Korea) SPD–see Social Democrats (Germany) SPDC–see State Peace and Development Council (Myanmar) SPK–see Socialist Party of Kazakhstan SPLM–see Sudan People’s Liberation Movement SPO–see Serbian Renewal Movement SPO–see Social Democratic Party (Austria) SPP–see Singapore People’s Party SPPF–see Seychelles People’s Progressive Front SPRS–see Socialist Party of Republika Sprska (Bosnia and Herzegovina) SPS–see Social-Democratic Party of Switzerland SPS–see Socialist Party of Serbia SPU–see Socialist Party of Ukraine SPZ–see Slovak Party of Entrepreneurs and Traders SRA–see Argentine Rural Society SRP–see Serb Radical Party (Bosnia and Herzegovina) SRS–see Serbian Radical Party SRV–see Socialist Republic of Vietnam SSIM–see Southern Sudan Independence Movement SSP–see Sipah-i-Sahaba (Pakistan) SSR–see Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic SSU–see Sudan Socialist Union STV–see Single Transferable Vote (Ireland) SUPP–see Sarawak United People’s Party (Malaysia) SV–see Socialist Left Party (Norway) SVLP–see St.

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